Santa Cruz Woodies Wrap Party 2014 – Santa Cruz Woodies

Santa Cruz Woodies Wrap Party 2014

This was the BIG one, the 20th Anniversary Woodies On the Wharf (WOW) Santa Cruz Woodie Club members worked hard all year to make it an extra special WOW and boy was it. The Wrap Party is our Club’s traditional way of celebrating that success and thanking all of those who worked so hard to make it so.

The party began with adult refreshments and appetizers on the front deck checking out the view of Monterey Bay and ended up with dinner served in the back around the Tiki Room. This year the Aloha in the air was thick as we all gathered in Luau style to enjoy the company of our Woodie Ohana. Cocktails and appetizers lasted a little longer than planned due to some very special goings on. One of the highlights of WOW for the past several years has been the presence of Surfboard Hall of Fame Shaper and SCW member Floyd Smith on the Wharf shaping a very special board. This year that board was being shaped for our own Club President, Rowland Baker. Unbeknownst to Rowland, Floyd and wife Sherry arrived at the party early with the finished board in tow. It was hidden away until all had arrived and given to Rowland in a surprise presentation. Check out the pictures, what a treat to share the moment!

Eventually we got on to dinner but first had to acknowledge a very special milestone. Turns out there was more than just a successful WOW to celebrate! It was the 45th wedding anniversary of Past Club President Howie Benfield and Club Secretary emeritus Patsy Benfield and they choose to spend it with us. That certainly gave us another reason to party, and after presenting them with a beautiful tropical floral arrangement by our own Barb Bacon…party on we did!

Of course a little business had to be dealt with. President Rowland gave a brief report on WOW 2014 and even though the final numbers were not in, it was no doubt the special year that we all wanted it to be. However, not being a group to rest on our laurels, we are already looking forward to the 21st Annual Woodies On the Wharf on June 27, 2015. It’s going to be another great year so plan now to attend and keep checking the SCW Website for updates and information. As with every great evening it must come to an end. Thank you to all who joined us and to those who couldn’t make it, we missed you.