Santa Cruz Woodies – A Chapter of the National Woodie Club
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  • Santa Cruz Woodies Helping The Community

    Santa Cruz Woodies and their members are a community conscious group. Each year we raise funds for a number of charities at Woodies on the Wharf. One of those charities is the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation. The burn foundation was formed over 40 years ago.  At the age of eight, Alisa Ann was fatally injured in a back yard barbeque accident. Bravely using this tragedy, her parents, coupled with local Firefighters and then Firefighters state wide, established a mission to enhance the lives of …

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  • The Walter Reuther Woodie

    Two new Santa Cruz Woodies members, Jim and Cheryl Bassett, were kind enough to send along some details of their 1949 Ford woodie. It was discovered in Dearborn, MI after 42 years of being stored in a garage. Their woodie is a special car driven by Walter Reuther to help others live a better life in the future. The woodie was the sound car driven by Walter Reuther of UAW Local 174 during the 1950’s to recruit UAW members in the Detroit area.  Walter Reuther was an “American labor union leader, …

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