Santa Cruz Woodies At The Sacramento Autorama 2014 – Santa Cruz Woodies

Santa Cruz Woodies At The Sacramento Autorama 2014

The Santa Cruz Woodie Club was invited to car show at the Sacramento Autorama, February 14-16, 2014. With the help of Mickey Christiason and Jim Vickery from the National Woodie Club, we set out to gather some woodies to be shown in Building 6 which was setup for woodies only. The woodie area turned out to be a big success.  We had a total of 21 woodies show up.  It was fun to meet woodie owners from the Sacramento region, Nevada and the Central Valley that we don’t get to see too often.  We had cars from the Bay Area as well.  The displays were plentiful with palm trees and Hawaiian beach paraphernalia by the woodies.  Jim Vickery displayed every Woodie on the Wharf Poster since the beginning in his display.  Saturday evening we had pizza and salad at the local Sacramento Roundtable. Forty four people showed up and it gave us all a chance to say hello to old friends and to meet new woodie owners.  Everyone introduced themselves and mentioned which cars were theirs. There was an original shoebox that has just come back to the mainland from Hawaii. There were some wild shoebox creations and hints of the next wild shoebox creation by one of those woodie owners.  We had two beautiful black woodies brought in by the same owner (’39 and ’32 Fords) that looked great side by side. There was a recently finished beautiful black custom ’48 Ford that came up from Fresno.  There was a beautiful Pontiac woodie that some of us had never seen.  There were two woodies that were not in our building that deserve mention.  Racer Scott Pruett’s ’50 Buick Woodie and Dennis Varni’s much anticipated ’51 Studebaker woodie. Both cars are a must see. Dennis has committed to this year 20th WOW on June 21.  Every one of the woodie owners at the Autorama will hopefully make our 20th WOW as well.

Thanks to everyone who was part of the 2014 Sacramento Autorama.

Pruett’s & Varni’s Woodies

Santa Cruz Woodies At The Show