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Santa Cruz Woodie Club There to Help

In 1971, the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation was founded after Alisa was fatally burned in a backyard BBQ accident. Partnering with California Firefighters, the AARBF was established with the mission to enhance the lives of burn survivors and promote burn prevention. On Thursday, October 22nd, Phil Iatomase and Jim Vickery made a presentation to Samantha Cepeda, Development Manager of the AARBF, with our club’s donation. They were joined by members of the Daly City Fire Department.

Donations made to AARBF go towards educating kids how to protect themselves with “Stop, Drop And Roll”, “Cool A Burn” and “Crawl Low And Go.” It also funds other services like financial assistance during hospitalization, medical supplies, and image enhancement services including wigs and camouflaging make-up. Their camp’s and recreational activities provide a supportive atmosphere among burn survivors that encourages self acceptance and fun.

Our club is very proud of not only this donation, but all of the needy groups we support. Times like these remind us of just how blessed we are.

See the AARBF website to learn more about the foundation.