Santa Cruz Wharf Celebrates 100 Years 2013 – Santa Cruz Woodies

Santa Cruz Wharf Celebrates 100 Years 2013

As many of the woodie owners already know by now, next year on June 21st to be exact, Woodies On the Wharf celebrates its 20th year anniversary.  What many may not know is that next year the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf, which is the home of Woodies on the Wharf and the longest standing wooden wharf in the Country, is celebrating its 100th Year Anniversary!  Kicking off the year long celebration the City of Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz Parks & Recreation Department hosted a centennial celebration on Saturday October 12th to honor the Wharf’s industrial fishing and shipping history along with its modern day importance as a tourist destination.  The wharf averages over  2 million visitors a year.

For the last 20 years Woodies On the Wharf has been an integral part of the Wharf’s annual schedule of activities and in fact draws one of the largest crowds of the year. It was there fore natural that in planning this kick off celebration Santa Cruz Woodies was asked to participate in the festivities.  So, along with a pop-up museum displaying the Wharf’s history, wine and appetizers provided by Wharf businesses and welcoming speeches by local dignitaries, a parking area  was set aside for our Woodies to be displayed.

This event was just the kick off for the yearlong celebration of the Wharf’s 100-year anniversary.  One of the biggest events taking place during this celebration will of course be our own 20th anniversary Woodies on the Wharf.  Working with the Santa Cruz Parks & Recreation Department, Santa Cruz Woodies members are already busy making plans for what we want to be the best ever Woodies on the Wharf.

If you missed this kick off party, never fear, I’m sure that there will be other opportunities over the next few months and leading up to Woodies On the Wharf when you will have a chance to join us in celebration of these two great anniversaries!