Doheny Wood – Santa Cruz Woodies

Doheny Wood

The curse has been lifted! Don’t know who kissed the frog, but it worked! The rains that have plagued Doheny in the past did not even come close this year.  It was just the opposite. Those who came dressed for a cool beach day were losing layers early on as the temperature rose to the 70’s.  Sunny was the word of the day. The opening program, organized by our own goodwill ambassador, Mickey Christianson, included a Marine Color Guard from Camp Pendleton. During the ceremony a USMC Officer was present to accept two donations made to the USMC Wounded Warriors. After the opening ceremony a great complimentary breakfast was provided by volunteers from San Diego Woodies, and organized by Tom & Valerie Long!

By our count 132+ woodies arrived at Dana Point Marina State Park to enjoy the day. We all did! Great raffle prizes were plentiful. The event merchandise provided this year was top of the line. Best of all, though, was the chance to spend the day with our woodie ohana in the sunshine and sea air. After an awards ceremony that included way too many presentations for me to mention, Southern California Woodie Club outgoing president, Tony Elmo, passed the presidential hat to Greg Chandler, a Santa Cruz Woodies club member. He will no doubt start looking for that elusive frog to kiss to get the fix in now for a sunny 2017 Doheny Wood! After the closing ceremony, everyone gathered for refreshments and appetizers to peruse the great silent auction offerings, and to enjoy the music of Greg Chandler. Boy can that man sing!  A great barbecue dinner, catered by Outback, was a big hit – A perfect way to end the day!