Member Spotlight – Santa Cruz Woodies

Member Spotlight

The Walter Reuther Woodie

Two new Santa Cruz Woodies members, Jim and Cheryl Bassett, were kind enough to send along some details of their 1949 Ford woodie. It was discovered in Dearborn, MI after 42 years of being stored in a garage. Their woodie is a special car driven by Walter Reuther to help others live a better life in the future. The woodie was the sound car …

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Gary & Terry O’Connor – Cross Country Trips In The Woodie

Our first woodie ‘trip’ was to a family dinner at an Applebee’s in downtown Santa Rosa. I was very nervous, expanding a couple trips around the block to almost five miles. Then it turned out they were all in Petaluma! Another ten miles???? We can’t go that far!!!! We’ll never make it!!!  We made it and that started a series …

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Jim Vickery – Driven For Miles & Smiles

Growing up as a teenager in the muscle car era, you couldn’t help but become a car guy. The freedom of having a car opened the door to new experiences, one of those surfing. Always wanting a woodie, I settled for a 1958 Chevy 2 door wagon to tote my board to the beach. Skip forward about 20 years, Sue …

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Gerry Gamet – 1951 Ford… in rough shape

When we purchased our ‘Woodie’, I was really looking for a 1951 Ford Victoria with the hopes of replicating my first car that I built with my Dad.  Lots of memories always come flooding back about the time my Dad and I spent working on that car.  So, when I saw a very small ad listing a 1951 Ford Country …

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Don Iglesias – Woodie Addictions Start Early

When I was growing up in San Francisco, our family car was a 1951 Ford Woodie that my dad used for his furniture business and family outings. We also used to take our junk to the city dumps where my dad helped me score several old metal push cars, including a woodie. My love of cars has been lifelong and …

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Surfboard legend still making the beauties – in El Dorado County

The following is a great article which appeared in the Sacramento Bee about Floyd Smith and his hand crafted surfboards. "The Sierra foothills seem an unlikely place to find a surf legend. But an "Endless Summer" vibe fills the Rescue workshops of Floyd Smith. Four converted sheds built in a El Dorado County hillside pasture – one for foam, one for wood, two for finishing – serve as Smith's artistic studios. As he's done most of his life, Smith transforms large, plain "blanks" of foam or balsa wood into wave-riding art."

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