Cambria – aka George’s Woodies at the Rock – Santa Cruz Woodies

Cambria – aka George’s Woodies at the Rock

We got the horses fed and hitched up the wagons and were ready to hit the trail to the annual Cambria / Morro Bay Surfside Roundup.

Originally there were eight wagons to meet up at various stops along the way beginning at the central Peninsula but then things do happen and we ended up with two wagons from the original group hooking up.  Lunch was at the Historic Paso Robles Inn, where the Atwood’s had stayed the night before. Also in attendance were Tony and Kathy Lloyd, Carl Biggs, the Yugos and Toni Wilkerson, Pat and Ron Drugger, and Janice and I.  We had a great lunch and some fun conversation.

After lunch it was off to Cambria.  When we arrived at the Bluebird Inn, Mickey and JoAnne had set up the welcoming party on the patio.  Lots of delicious pupu’s to snack on and wash down with some margaritas.  Wagonmaster Joe was presented with the Cambria Wagonmaster Plaque courtesy of Mickey Christianson (see photo).  A group dinner at the Sow’s Ear Café came next,  another wonderful meal there,  then it was back to the Bluebird for a good night’s rest before heading out in the morning for Morro Bay.


The Benson clan had graciously arranged for us to park our wagons in the Surf Shop’s parking lot. There was a good turnout, about 25 cars.  Joe scored an original Fulton dog bone visor in perfect condition after several years of searching.

On the trip back to Cambria, we had this strange little red car with two little people in front of us. They were driving about 25 mph then 50, then 35 then 0. They stopped in the middle of the Hwy 1 intersection where Hwy 46 from Paso intersects, where we jammed on the brakes and swerved to the right horn blaring away. Bob and Laura Faust were right behind and we almost became close friends.

The Benson Hale once again hosted dinner and hors d’oeuvres Saturday night.  They have a new gas fire pit on the deck that everyone was jostling for a seat next to it.  Sheldon brought not one but two of his famous cheese cakes for desert.  Thanks to Katherine and her clan for a great night.

The next morning we were to meet for breakfast in the patio of the Bluebird.  That did not happen. Some were so hungry they could not wait (while some others could not get out of bed); so we went with whomever for a short walk to the Redwood Café. Tony Lloyd and I had the special, chicken fried steak, love that stuff.

Another fine trip to Cambria, Morro Bay and the Benson Hale

See you next year!